Amy Carr

Media Strategist

Joined Monarch in 2007


  • 15 years of experience in Marketing and Advertising fields
  • Previously, worked for Metro Technology Centers and The Oklahoman
  • BA Degree in Advertising/Journalism from the University of Central Oklahoma

The Details

Amy’s red dirt roots run deep. Born and bred here in Oklahoma City, Amy is bright as a firefly at twilight, hard-working as a bee in springtime and enterprising as scissortail building a nest.

It’s this combination of home-grown “how to” and her many years of experience as a media strategist that make Amy such an asset to Monarch and our clients. Here at Monarch, Amy has distinguished herself by creating client success through deep research, campaign insight, smart negotiation, and just plain hard work. To put it lyrically, Amy’s just small-town girl, living in a brand-building, campaign-slinging, media-captivating, digital-delivery world… and she’s rocking it.

Amy comes from a large, extended family and is mother of two daughters, an Australian Shepherd, three cats and several chickens. She makes the most of her time away from work by braving the great outdoors. While she’s happy in her own backyard with her menagerie, which, sources tell us, is led by a chicken named Frankie, Amy delights in travel and adventure. In fact, she’s already planning her next trip. Anyone up for chicken sitting?

Amy Carr is a Media Specialist for Monarch Marketing Group in Oklahoma City, OK.